IVF with donor eggs

Holy PIO Shots, Batman!

Okay, these shots suck. They don’t just suck when the needle is going in, or when the medicine is going in…the pain simply stays around for who knows how long (to be determined because the shot I got last night still hurts!) Ryan just gave me my second shot and I’m trying not to be a big baby about it, but I’m totally sulking on the couch while my bum burns and throbs as I google “tricks to make pio shots better.”

So I’m going to try heating up the oil, icing the injection shot before, heating pad after, and massaging the area to avoid lumps forming. Yep, I’m pulling all the stops tomorrow to see if it helps. I’m usually not a huge wimp, but the thought of doing this every day for possibly 10-12 more weeks (if I end up pregnant) makes me want to, well…it makes me want to cry. Because that’s all I seem to be doing lately. I cry at commercials, the book I’m reading, sweet moments between students. Man, I’m just one big, hormonal basket case.

It’s all worth it…it’s all worth it…it is most definitely all worth it!

IVF with donor eggs

Lining Check #2

I went back to Dr. Isaacs on Friday morning to have my final lining check before transfer and everything still looks good! My lining is still measuring 10mm, so it hasn’t thickened since last week, but no one seems worried about that. I guess it’s in the good range (above 7) and is still showing the triple layers, so everyone on the medical end is happy. I guess I’ll be happy, too! 😊 I got tickled at Dr. Isaacs because he kept the “wand” in there extra long this time amazed at being able to see the contractions my uterus was having on the screen. He said usually the contractions aren’t strong enough to see on the ultrasound screen. You could see it moving, kind of like water. It was pretty interesting and completely explained the weird stretching feeling I have had for the past several days. Let’s just say I have been very aware that I have a uterus! He said once I start the progesterone, those contractions will subside and make my lining sticky and comfortable for my little embryo.

Speaking of progesterone, I start those shots today! Eek! I’ll do them every day from now until my pregnancy test, and then will continue through the first trimester if it’s positive. Last time I used suppositories for the progesterone. With my first failed IVF I used the shots, but only did them for about a week. I remember them being pretty terrible, but it’s all worth it. That was also 7 years ago, and I’ve gotten a good bit tougher since then. 😉

So this is really happening. I have so many mixed emotions right now- excitement, fear, complete shock! It’s amazing to think that two weeks from now I’ll know if I’m pregnant. It’s also terrifying that two weeks from now I may find out I’m not. I’m worried about letting everyone down. I’m worried about losing our one boy embryo. I’m so scared this just isn’t going to work.

And then I have the other emotions around if it does work. I’ll be elated, of course, But then I’m going through these fears about starting over with an infant, losing time with my five year old, and everything else that I am so aware of that changes once a new member of the family is added. When I was doing all of this with baby number 1, I was just ready to be a mom. Now I’m more prepared, but more aware. It’s just really hitting me that my life could completely change in two weeks. Of course for the better in so many ways…more ways than for the worse! But I am getting nervous about what I may lose. I picked up my sweet girl the other day and realized this may be the last week in a while that I’ll be allowed to pick her up (no heavy lifting after transfer) and I got a little weepy. Maybe that’s just the estrogen I’m taking though. Ha!

Anyway, it’s happening and I’m getting myself ready. I’m trying to get everything in order for my mom to come watch Anadine while we’re gone, and also trying to make sure things are set for when we come back. She starts dance classes that Tuesday we come back and I need to buy her dance shoes for it. I also need to get lesson plans written for my sub and for the week we come back. I need as little to do that week as possible! We fly out to San Diego on Thursday morning and transfer will be Friday. Ready or not, here it comes!

IVF with donor eggs

Lining Check

I drove over to Jackson last night for my 8:00 appointment this morning. I had the ultrasound and Dr. Isaacs said “wow that is one beautiful endometrium!” It kind of made me giggle. He measure the lining and he said “yep, no matter how I measure it, it’s going to be above average.” Just what I like to hear, doc!

I received a phone call from them later to tell me that they had gotten my lab results on my estrogen, but probably wouldn’t get my progesterone numbers until Monday. They wanted to let me know just in case San Diego called me.

I just receive an email from San Diego and she said that everything looked good with my report. She didn’t even mention the lack of progesterone. She said that my lining measured 10mm and had a trilaminar appearance. I of course googled this to make sure, and Dr Google says that most clinics want your lining to be above 8mm and want the trilaminar appearance. Whoop! Now I wonder, have I reached this too soon? My worries in past cycles have always revolved around eggs and embryos, I’ve never paid much attention to the transfer part. I’ve also always done a fresh, day 3 transfer, so there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for me to worry about it anyway.

In other news, I woke up yesterday with a UTI. Because, you know, I don’t have anything else going on in my female parts, so let’s just add some burning during urination to the mix. Ugh! Luckily, I’ve started my antibiotics and things are feeling better. The nurse in San Diego said this shouldn’t affect my cycle and I’ll be well done with the antibiotics and it will all be cleared up (hopefully) by transfer day. So now there’s just one more pill to add to my daily pill reminder box.

Speaking of which, I’m to continue with my two estrogen pills in the am and two in the pm. Nothing else added to the regimen just yet. I’ll go back for an ultrasound next Friday. San Diego wants me to snap a picture of the ultrasound screen with my phone and email it to them. This makes me think they’re not actually getting the ultrasound pictures from Dr Isaacs. That makes me a little angry. What am I paying $300 per ultrasound for?!

IVF with donor eggs

FET is a GO!

Well, I stopped birth control on Tuesday (hallelujah!) and went in for my baseline ultrasound and blood work on Thursday. All looked good! We are a go!

I started estrogen tablets yesterday. I take two in the morning and two at night. They also have me taking a prenatal vitamin, 2 mg of folic acid in the morning and another 2mg at night, and baby aspirin…I feel like I'm swallowing pills constantly! I've been taking everything except the estrogen for a few months, so this feeling isn't new, just thought I'd mention it.

So far, I haven't noticed any major side effects from the estrogen. I'm moody, stressed, crampy, and tired, but all of that can be attributed to me starting my period today. I'm glad to see my period. They said to expect it when I stopped birth control, but I was only getting spotting. I feel like my uterus is prepping to build a new, fresh lining now. Out with the old, in with the new! Sorry, that may be TMI!

I'll go in for another ultrasound and blood work appointment next Friday. Praying that everything keeps doing what it's supposed to!