IVF with donor eggs

PGS Results

Of our nine embryos, 6 are normal. This is excellent news and exactly what I expected best case scenario to be. However, we have one boy and five girls, and we really really really want a boy. I'm happy about our one, excellent looking, boy embryo. I don't ever want to seem like I'm not grateful for what we have been given. But I always promised that I would be honest in this blog, and I would not be honest if I didn't express a little bit of disappointment. And if it all came down to it, I'd be thrilled with a girl. Because as cliche as it is, I just want a healthy baby–obviously. We still have one chance though…let's just hope this one baby boy sticks. It's in God's hands now. Now, it's time to prep for this FET.

So in FET prep news–I've been on birth control for two weeks and Holy Moly it always amazes me what birth control does to me. My boobs have grown so big and they are so sore. I guess I'm just getting prepared for the progesterone that will make it ten times worse! It's just crazy how birth control, the simplest of hormones during this whole process, changes my body so much. 8 more days of this, and then my baseline ultrasound on August 10. Let's hope for no polyps or anything else that could get in the way for us moving forward with the FET.

And while we're praying…Ryan takes his boards on August 8. We really need him to pass this thing! He has been studying so hard and him passing would be one less thing for us to stress about.

Lots going on, lots to pray about, lots to be blessed about. We'll just keep chugging along!


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