IVF with donor eggs

Sunday’s Report

Well, we have 8 embryos that have continued to grow to the blastocyst stage. They are all ranked good (the clinic rates them good, fair, and poor, so you can't get better than that!) The embryologist said that they are all at versions stages from multi cells to one that is actually hatching. Then we have one other embryo that is still growing, just doing it a little slower. They are going to keep watching it and if it doesn't arrest, they'll PGS and freeze that one as well. The other three stopped growing altogether. We should get another report on the ninth embryo sometime today.

I think I'm happy with 8 good embryos. It makes me nervous that the PGS testing could dwindle that down significantly, but I guess that's the idea, right? Waiting on those results over the next week will be excruciating!

Just as I finished that post, I received the phone call from the lab. That ninth embryo continued to grow to a hatching blastocyst! So it was biopsied for PGS and frozen. It was rated "fair/good." Yay!


2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Report

  1. How fantastic. From my understanding- a high percentage of donor eggs blasts are PGS normal. Was certainly the case with our round. Thinking of you!


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