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Embryo Report from Friday

I didn't have a chance to post the embryo report from Friday, so I'll post it now. We'll get another report sometime today, so I'll update on that when I get it.

So on Friday the lady from embryology called me to ask if we had decided to do PGS testing. I explained to her that we have sent in the paperwork checking off that yes we do, and I have told our nurse numerous times that we do. Ugh! The lack of organization in this place. Anyway, then she started to tell me that the were going to hatch our embryos and watch to see which ones grow, and they will freeze the eligible ones on day five (which is today). So she was telling me all of this, and I interrupted her and I said, "okay sounds great, but we haven't gotten our embryo report yet today. Could you tell me how many we currently have?" Again, the whole thing is just so confusing. Luckily, she was able to give us the report:

She said that at day three they want to see them at 3 cells or higher. We have 12 embryos that are between 4-8 cells. She said that one of our eggs fertilized after we had our fertilization report, so we actually had 13 fertilized eggs, and then 12 of those continued to grow to 4-8 cells. The one that fertilized late is at 5 cells. She said that all of them are ranked good to fair, which at this stage is great to see.

So I'm optimistic. The phone call today will be a biggie. It will tell us how many we are testing/freezing. And then it will be quiet for about a week which is when we will get our PGS results. That's going to be the phone call I'm most anxious about. We will know how many normals we have, as well has how many boys vs girls. Eek! Please keep the prayers coming!


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