IVF with donor eggs

Sunday Ultrasound Update

Our donor went in for a final ultrasound today and everything looks great. They are now predicting that they will retrieve 29 mature eggs. Yep, 29! WHAT?!?! Apparently she must have had some follicles that we’re measuring just under 14 mm (the minimal cutoff for the probability of housing a mature egg) and they must have grown overnight because we went from having 19 to 29 in just a day. I’m just amazed!

Anyway, eggs retrieval is set for Tuesday morning. Ryan is in San Diego now and says it is absolutely beautiful. It felt really weird this morning saying goodbye to him. I mean, he was going to make our embryos–without me. I’m trying not to think too much about the emotions that draws up. It is what it is. And really, it’s okay. It’s what we signed up for, and more than anything I’m just in shock that we are finally to this point! I mean, it’s really happening!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Ultrasound Update

  1. What a big step! I remember feeling strange when my husband went off to make embryos but I stayed focused on a. The gift that this is even an option in modern science- so lucky to be alive at this time b. The excitement and adventure of creating a little life with the help of someone else. To me it almost adds to the beauty of the creation. That being said- it was just my perspective. All of your feelings are so normal and ok. Sending my love!

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    1. Thank you! And yes, that’s exactly how I feel. So grateful! I also keep telling myself that there were so many things about making our first baby through IVF that were originally strange, but it didn’t make any difference in the miracle of the outcome. I mean, we weren’t in the same room when we made her either. 😂 Although, we at least we’re in the same state. Ha!

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      1. Same here! My husband and I always joke we can’t wait to tell our son about the beautiful time he, I, a doctor, an embryologist and 3 nurses were in the same room when he was created :). Xoxo

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