IVF with donor eggs

Follicle Counts and Egg Retrieval


So we have kind of been on standby waiting to hear how our donor is doing before making travel plans, and it’s been driving us a little crazy. We received an update on Wednesday, and at that point our donor was showing 30 follicles, 5 of which were 10-14 mm. Our nurse told us then that in previous cycles our donor had egg retrieval on Wednesday, so we were kind of gearing up for Ryan to go out there Tuesday morning and come back Thursday afternoon. We were looking at flights for those days, and just sitting and waiting all day for today’s ultrasound update before actually booking them. There were times that I thought, “to Hell with it” and wanted to book the flights, but something kept telling me to hold off for our update. Thank goodness we did!

So the nurse emailed us today and said that our donor is looking great. She still has 30 follicles showing, 5 are 18-23 mm, and 14 follicles are are over 14 mm. I’m not sure if that means we have a total of 19 follicles measuring over 14 mm, or if the over 14 mm follicles include the first 5 that were mentioned. Either way, they are good numbers and we should have plenty of eggs to work with. I’d be lying though if I didn’t say that 14 total follicles would be a little disappointing considering she has had 21-25 eggs retrieved in her previous cycles. But I hate to be that way, and I’ll obviously be grateful for what we have, regardless.

But the big news is that she said that egg retrieval will most likely be MONDAY! Monday wasn’t even ever on our radar. Our estimated retrieval for the whole time has always been Tuesday – Friday, so Monday seems like such a shock! So we changed everything around and booked his flight for Sunday afternoon and coming back Tuesday night. The nurse said that retrieval will be Tuesday at the very latest, so him coming back on a 6:00 pm flight should cover that possibility.

We also finally got some questions answered on our Wednesday email – most importantly our antibiotics question. Apparently she finally talked to Dr. Kettle, and he said that they used to prescribe antibiotics, but because of new technologies in ICSI, it isn’t necessary anymore. So we feel better about that. She also answered our question about how long Ryan was supposed to abstain from, well, you know, and she said 3-5 days. So that’s kind of the bummer about the egg retrieval being on Monday thing – Ryan thought he has at least another day before abstaining. OOPS! We are right at 3 days prior to retrieval now – sorry that was probably TMI.

So, it’s really happening! All of this waiting, waiting, waiting, and then all of a sudden the past hour has been BUSY!

We also went ahead and booked our flights for our trip for transfer in August. Here’s hoping that I am cleared for going through with it. August 10th is my baseline ultrasound – please pray for no polyps, good hormone levels, etc. It would suck to have to cancel those flights (and of course the transfer)!

So, yeah, next week is going to be full of embryology reports! So Get Ready, Get Set, GO!


PS – I feel like I should also mention the other stuff going on in my life right now, so everyone can understand the additional stress we are under (and so I can remember it down the road – not that I really want to). So, I was in a wreck two days ago. Anadine was in the care with me, too, which made it super scary. We are both fine, thank goodness! But now I’m dealing with insurance, car repair, etc. And my body feels completely beat up. I am so glad I am not doing my portion of the cycle right now. Added hormones and shots would not make things better. But poor Ryan. He did not need the added stress while he is also studying for boards. Plus things are super busy at work for him. I guess no time is a good time, but it hasn’t been easy. I’m just so glad we are okay and he is so supportive.



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