IVF with donor eggs

Here We Go!

Our donor went in for her first appointment today for a baseline ultrasound and blood work. I just received the update that everything is a go! They saw 30 resting follicles and she started taking Gonal F today. I wouldn’t even know what 30 follicles looks like on the ultra sound screen. The most I ever saw was 8! The nurse said that typically 70-80% of testing follicles will produce a mature egg. So, of course I did the math. 70% of 30 is 21. Assuming all of those fertilize, and going by the stats that say usually half of embryos test PGS normal, then we could essentially end up with 10, genetically normal embryos. That’s insane!

So now we are on standby. She will go back next Wednesday for a follow up ultrasound. At that point, we may have a better idea of when Ryan needs to go out there. We know it will be around the 18th, but won’t know for sure until we get closer and they see how she’s responding. 

Meanwhile, I’ve been back and forth with our nurse trying to get some answers to some questions. So in previous cycles, Ryan has always had to take antibiotics before egg retrieval. It’s just been a part of the protocol at every other clinic. But it wasn’t mentioned in any of our material we got a month ago. When I asked our nurse about it, she said that they don’t do that, but that both of us will be on antibiotics before transfer. Huh? It makes total sense that I would take antibiotics before transfer, but why Ryan? So yesterday I sent her an email asking for clarification. I also asked if he could take antibiotics before egg retrieval, just for our peace of mind. In a previous semen analysis, doctors have seen white blood cells in his semen, indicating infection or enlarged prostate. It’s an easy fix with antibiotics, so especially since he hasn’t had a semen analysis in over a year, we would both just feel more confident with doing everything we can to assure his best sample possible. I also asked if there was anything else he could be doing: multi vitamin, abstinence for a few days prior, etc. We already know the answers to these questions (this ain’t our first rodeo) but the point was that in all of the paper work, Ryan’s part of the process simply was not mentioned. Anyway, her response was that they have never prescribed antibiotics prior to egg retrieval before, the doctor is out of the office this week, and she’s going to have to ask him when he comes back next week. She didn’t even answer my other questions. 

So here’s what it all boils down to–I’m about fed up with the communication, or lack therof, at SDFC (or at least with our nurse). I feel like they are completely catering to our donor, and we’re the ones paying the big bucks. I feel so out of sorts about the idea that our potential baby is being made this month, and I have nothing to do with it. When we were using my eggs, I was giving myself shots, going to appointments, etc. Now I’m across the country and waiting on an email to get results. However, Ryan does have something to do with it, and he deserves some attention, instruction, and respect for his part of it. Especially when I ask specific questions, I expect for them to be answered. Oh, I also had to ask her for my orders to send to my clinic for my monitoring in August. You would think that would have been included in the millions of other pages of paperwork she sent me. I haven’t gotten my prescriptions for my meds either. I realize I don’t start for another month, but I’d like to have them in hand so as to avoid a rush with my pharmacy. 

I hate to complain. I think it really all stems from feeing out of control and out of touch with the cycle. I’ll focus on the 30 follicles, praying for each one, and continue to ask my questions. And I’ll hope that we get to fill out some sort of survey at the end of this, because they could really use some lessons in patient relations. 


One thought on “Here We Go!

  1. I presume you are paying a lot of money for this cycle? In which case, the nurse is not doing you a favour by answering your questions.. . You are a paying customer and are entitled to answers. I would send her a very strongly worded email and if she doesn’t respond I would take it higher up. I felt the same with our donor cycle and ended up doing exactly that… needless to say I didn’t have any further problems. All the best for this cycle, it’s amazing what young healthy eggs can do!

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