IVF with donor eggs

Schedules, Transfers, and Decisions

Sorry it’s been a while. Blame it on summer vacation- I basically haven’t turned on my laptop in two weeks. And then I remembered I can post from my wordpress app. It’s not quite as effective, or easy, but it will do to give a quick update on things. 

So we have our official calendar. I already shared the tentative retrieval dates, but now we have the official treatment plan, complete with medications and instructions. More importantly (only because we didn’t have it before) we have our treatment plan for transfer. So I’ll be starting birth control at the end of July, whenever my period starts, then I’ll go in for my baseline ultrasound on August 8, and if everything looks good, I’ll start estrogen at the point. Then I’ll be monitored once a week to check my uteran lining and when directed, I’ll start the progesterone in oil injections (THE WORST). Assuming all goes as planned, transfer will be September 1st. 

Along with these treatment plans, we also got the whole gamut of consent forms: basically the forms we fill out to state what happens to the leftover embryos should we decide not to use them: do we donate them to another couple? Donate them to science? Discard of them? Also, what happens to them if one of us should die? If both of us should die? If we get divorced? Basically all of these questions we don’t want to think about, but have to think about. Welcome to the world of IVF, right? Decisions galore!

So, no, we haven’t filled them out yet. Basically because, well, life. We’ve just been super busy, and finding time to have those difficult conversations is not top priority when the new season of Orange is the New Black has just come out. But they aren’t due until egg retrieval, and for once I’m not freaking out about getting things done. I’m enjoying these last few weeks of not stressing about it. Because July will be filled with news on follicle numbers, embryo quality, and last minute travel plans for Ryan. And then August will be filled with emotions running high from hormones (not to mention beginning of school year crazies). 

So for now, I’m just chillin’. I’m doing what I promised myself I would do- I’m enjoying my life as it is right now. And right now, life is good, y’all. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about what’s about to happen, and hope for a completely different scenario this time next year, but for now, I’ll live in the moment. 

Side note: I’ve just started listening to the podcast “Matt and Doree’s eggcellent adventure” and I’m loving it. It’s fun to listen to this couple talk about their experience with IVF. They’re upbeat, real, and downright funny. Anyway, if you’re going through the infertility journey, or if you’re not, you may want to give it a listen. 

So now my five year old is crying because she wants me to come pat her back so she can fall asleep. It’s a new phase that’s kind of driving me crazy. For real- she has always been the self soother, no crutches to get to sleep (minus the blankie) kind of kid.  But hey, live in the moment right? I’ll go give her a few extra cuddles and love this moment in time. 

Update: she’s now come out of her room a total of 3 times. I’ll be honest, the isn’t the best moment. (Just kidding!)