IVF with donor eggs

We Have a Schedule!

Finally! The day has come! We have a calendar. I am not naive, and I know that a million things could happen between now and then that could make all of this change, but for now we have a plan. It’s all happening a little later than I had hoped – and the time that my husband has to be out in San Diego does not work out great for his work or for a yearly vacation that we take, but we have to just deal with it. Our donor couldn’t start any earlier, and Heavens knows I do not want to wait to do this later. So here is our donor’s schedule for egg retrieval:

Last birth control pill: 7/2

Baseline ultrasound: 7/6 or 7/7

Start stimulation medication: 7/7

Follow up ultrasound and blood work: 7/12

Follow up ultrasound and blood work: 7/14

May need to be seen the weekend of 7/15 or 7/16

Follow up ultrasound and blood work: 7/17

Egg retrieval: 7/18-7/21

So there it is. So now we still have to make decisions about PGS testing (whether to do it or not), and schedule flights, hotel, etc. I thought that we all may go out there as a family and make a vacation out of it, but the timing is just bad for that. I will be finishing up getting ready for school stuff, and it’s the week before our week at the Neshoba County Fair (look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about), so I have cooking and preparations for that. Now the praying starts for no hiccups in the plan.


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