IVF with donor eggs

Legal Clearance – Check!

We have signed the legal documents, our donor and her husband have done the same, and we are officially one step closer than we’ve ever been before!


So now we are ready to get the long awaited calendar. I emailed Nurse Hilary yesterday to make sure she had received the legal clearance letter from the lawyer. She replied back and said she had, and that she had reached out to the donor to see about dates that she’ll be available. Then she’s supposed to let me know when she hears back from her. Except for at the bottom of the email there was a statement that said the SDFC offices will be closed from May 18-May 21, so that means — yep, more waiting.


I just hope the donor has responded to her and she can get things going first thing Monday morning. I am so ready for that calendar. Everything this summer, at least July, is put on hold until we know what we’re doing. And it’s driving me crazy! I have this terrible feeling that something is going to go wrong…maybe the donor won’t be available at all in July. What if this thing has to get pushed even further? I guess all there is to do is hope.

That’s what’s really hard about IVF with donor eggs. When I was doing IVF before, you had to work around schedules of course, and so much depended on your body cooperating. But now, it’s not just my schedule and my body, it’s also about a complete stranger’s body and schedule. And I know when I get an email from the nurse, I am on top of it – I respond within minutes if at all possible. I know that it’s not quite as urgent for the donor. We are completely relying on her, and that’s really tough.

But hopefully I’ll have some news (hopefully good news) at the beginning of next week. Until then, I focus on finishing out the school year with these kiddos. 4 more days until Summer bliss!


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