IVF with donor eggs

While We Wait

I follow a group on Facebook called something like Parents Via Egg Donation. I joined it hoping I would connect with a network of women who were also going through donor egg IVF, but I’ve discovered that it’s really a group that posts articles about IVF, Donor Eggs, Surrogacy, etc. Sometimes the articles are blog posts that people have written, other times it’s research that’s come out, and other times it brings in politics regarding women’s rights, etc.

There are times when I just skip over them because either I’ve read it before, or have no interest in reading it. I usually do read the blog posts, because that’s what I really wanted from the group. But then sometimes an article catches my eye and I not only read it, but feel the need to share it – here of course! This one touched a lot of things that many people have questions about, but the part that I liked reading the most was the idea that some genetics can be passed from the mother to the embryo through the embryonic fluid. This doesn’t necessarily mean that my donor egg baby will look like me, but there may be certain traits, especially behavioral traits, that I will influence while he/she is in my womb.

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