IVF with donor eggs

What the Embryologist Had to Say

We had our phone call with the embryologist yesterday. Here is what we learned…

1. If we have strong feelings about only transferring one embryo as opposed to two, and if we have strong feelings of having one gender over another, then she strongly suggests PGS testing on a donor egg cycle.

Both of these apply to us. She said that any other donor egg cycle, she would not recommend it, but PGS testing definitely helps with getting a positive pregnancy result the first time.

2. They can do PGS testing on embryos that have already been frozen (ie. if we decided later that we wanted to test embryos that had been frozen) BUT she does NOT recommend it. She said it’s pretty rough on the embryos to be frozen, thawed for testing, refrozen, and then re-thawed for transfer.

3. The PGS testing, if done with skilled hands, has little to no affect on the embryos. If it does affect them, it causes no implantation, or perhaps a very early miscarriage. Damaged embryos will not result in say learning disabilities later on.

4. Yes, PGS testing is super expensive – she asked if we had any other questions and Ryan asked “do y’all have any specials going on right now?” She thought that was pretty funny, but the answer is still no.

So we still haven’t made a decision. I guess we have a while, except that we need to start getting money together if we decide to do it. I honestly don’t know how I’m feeling about it right now. I guess I just pray on it and hope that an answer comes along.

In other news, I emailed Jenna about the $500 to the lawyer. I knew she was out of the office this week, but I hoped that someone checking her emails could help me out. Sure enough, someone named Katie responded to my email and explained that she totally understood. She said that she would contact our lawyer to see what she can do. So now we’re just waiting to hear back about that. I hope something can be done. It would be such a relief to win one of our battles!

I just received an email from Katie. Apparently since we requested that another lawyer be used for our donor, there’s not much that can be done in regards to their fees. Our lawyer said that she could have asked for a discount of sorts if it was the same lawyer. I replied back and said that I wasn’t aware that we had requested another lawyer, but that must have been from the conversation Ryan had with Jenna after our donor backed out on us. It’s interesting the things that they remember and the things they don’t. So, I guess we owe another $500. I’m getting really frustrated. I just feel so defeated.


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