IVF with donor eggs

We’ve been matched

So shortly after I wrote that last post, I went back onto the website to check out our donor’s profile again, and it had been removed! I just about freaked out, but was just hopeful that Jenna (that’s the donor coordinator) had received my email and removed her so that no one else could claim her. But here’s the thing – I didn’t receive an email back from Jenna until close to 8:00 that night!

Thankfully, the email was good news. We have been matched with the donor. I’ve copied and pasted the email below. It’s easier for me to do that rather than me translating it out. It gives our next steps and gives an idea of the excitement of progressing forward.

Congratulations, Rebecca!
On behalf of our Egg Donor team, you are officially matched with donor—SYT—for a February/March egg retrieval. This is only an estimate given our discussions and may be revised based upon your donor’s availability or your nurse coordinator’s assessment of remaining screening & testing. SYT’s donor compensation is $5,000. I have attached SYT’s donor profile (genetic & psych reports to follow) as her profile will be removed now that she is matched for a cycle.
I will reach out to SYT and advised her to schedule an egg donor physical exam to complete her screening. This appointment consists of a physical exam and urine drug/nicotine testing. We will also draw blood for Fragile X, CF carrier status, Thalassemia, etc. SYT will also be referred to our psychologist and our genetic counselors so they may interview SYT and supply us with detailed reports – when they become available, we will pass these on to you. We will be in receipt of all results in approximately three weeks from the time that SYT is seen here at SDFC. At this point, you will have the opportunity to review the information and at this point, we can give SYT the official “green light” and assign specific dates to your egg donor cycle.
In order to insure that your Egg Donor cycle is not delayed, please SCHEDULE ONLINE a Third Party Financing Consultation at www.sdfertility.com/financial  with our 3rd Party Financial team. Once your appointment is secured, you will receive an email notification and a complete financial packet will be sent for your review and consideration. ** Please note scheduling times are in US PST. This consultation is complimentary and may be conducted via telephone, skype or in-person. At this juncture, you will have the opportunity to determine which cycle type is best and our team will individualize your cycle fees for financial planning. 
Additionally, please keep in mind that all of your testing must be complete with results in your chart before we can coordinate your cycle and supply you with egg retrieval and embryo transfer dates. I request that you commit to completing your egg donor cycle within three months from the time of being matched or you may risk your donor no longer being available to you.
Lastly, I am MORE than happy to pass along a sentimental card and/or gift from you to your donor. I am a huge proponent of offering personal gestures to these amazing young women, beyond compensation they are receiving, so they also have an opportunity to connect to the incredible gift they are providing and…to connect with you – as their Intended Parents!
Let me know how I can be of further assistance!
So I have a phone call set up with nurse Hillary next week (the 22nd) to make appointments for my next steps. I have to do a trial cycle to see how my uterus responds to the meds. We will do the freeze all, so we’re not too concerned with all of that just yet. So now we just wait to get the results from the rest of our donor’s evaluations. Here’s hoping that nothing comes back too alarming because then we’d be pack to square one. 
I’ll keep y’all posted! 


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Maybe we found a donor?

So I emailed Jenna, the donor coordinator, and let her know our top choice. I don’t want to give a lot of details about her, but she’s beautiful, smart, and just gives me chills when I read her profile. She seems real, not over the top, AND she notes that she would be willing (in fact would love) to have future contact with the parents. I just really like the idea of being able to stay in touch with the donor, just in case we have any genetic questions down the line.

So now, I’m just waiting to hear back from Jenna.