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Schedule for the one day work up

Here is the schedule the nurse sent me for our one day work up at CCRM. It’s pretty boring stuff, but if someone is looking at doing a work up out there, it might be nice to see the kind of day you might have. It also helps to see the costs of all the tests. 

Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Labs of Colorado

10290 RidgeGate Circle, Lone Tree, Colorado  80124      (303) 788-8300

Name                  Scheduling Date: 1/6/16          

Doctor for MD appts below: Surrey               Per: Tonie                    Cycle Day 1 (est):

Appointments must be within days 5-13 of your cycle, unless otherwise approved by your physician.

We have scheduled the following appointments for you on: Friday February 5th, 2016

Out of state patients:

We strongly recommend you arrive in Denver the evening prior to your appointments to avoid last minute stress due to a possible flight delay. Denver International Airport is approximately 1 hour of drive time away from CCRM.CCRM strongly suggests that you do not schedule a flight home until 7pm or after.  Due to the number of appointments scheduled as part of your work up, we are not able to reschedule your appointments to accommodate an earlier flight time.

On your appointment day:

Please be sure to pick up a schedule when you check in for your first appointment.  This will assure that any minor appointment time changes are reflected on the schedule you have for the day.

Remember to check in with a receptionist whenever you are ready for your next appointment as scheduled.

Test or Consult
Nurse:  Orientation to IVF at CCRM / required appointment
Included in pkg.
Ultrasound + Doppler
Semen Analysis + Antibody Testing   (ASAB)  (+ culture to be billed by outside lab)
+ Chromatin Assay
*-FLC pymt *
$240* male
$135* female
+ $465 for Chromatin Assay
(blood  draw
with other labs)
+ culture to be billed by outside lab
Fertility Labs of CO
(FLC) Consent Review
Included in pkg.
Nurse Consultation
Donor Nurse
Included in pkg.
Nurse – IVF Consult
Shipping Kit:
Y or N
Additional fees apply
GC/C Collection:
Y or N
Consult included in pkg. Additional shipping kit fee may apply.
Standard or Extended  Workup Labs, Communicable Disease, Genetic Screening Blood Tests
GC/CT DNA urine
Discuss Genetic Screening Tests with RN prior to blood draw.
*-FLC pymt. *
$1115 /female
Other & Genetic:  As recommended
by your MD
Psychologist – Donor Recipient Consult
Included in pkg.
Business Office

* Fertility Labs of Colorado Charges – FLC is contracted with United Health Care insurance onlyat this time.

If you have an insurance plan other than United Health Care, or no infertility benefit with United Health Care, lab testing by FLC will be considered “patient pay” and payment is due at time of service.

We will send claim forms to you upon request for you to submit claim to your insurance if applicable.

Please note: neither CCRM nor FLC accept American Express.

This is the standard/mandatory workup.  Based on your history, your physician may recommend additional testing during your visit which may result in additional fees.  Please contact the Business Office with any financial questions. Please note that if you opt to have genetic testing done, there is a $25.00 Good Start Set-up Fee in addition the fees charged by Good Start Genetics.

Test Requirements & Instructions:

ASAB (Anti-Sperm Antibody Test)2-5 days abstinence prior to test.    

Baseline Scan/Doppler UltrasoundAvoid caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate, etc.) for 3 days/ 72 hours prior to this ultrasound examination. (Caffeine effects blood flow which is measured by Doppler.)

Hysteroscopy – The hysteroscopy can cause some cramping, similar to menstrual cramps, and you may take 800 mg of ibuprofen 1 hour prior to the procedure.  The procedure should be performed when you have a partially full bladder.

Please note:  No tampons or intercourse or submerging in water for 1 week after the procedure.

Denver, the “Mile High City,” is at 5280 feet. Our altitude is high and our humidity is low.   Please be sure to drink plenty of fluids to feel good and be well-hydrated for your blood draw.

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As for me, I have some questions to ask about some of these tests that I’m scheduled for. I’m wondering that if we’ve already done some of them at our previous work up, will we have to do them again? I know they need to do the ultrasounds and hystoroscopy, to check my uterus and baseline follicle count, but do I really need to be tested for HIV again? I’d like to save as much money as possible, and that along with the genetic testing seems like overkill. We’ve already done all of that, and it all came back negative. I realize it could be possible for someone to contract HIV in five years, but I assure you I have not.

It’s also interesting to see all of the restrictions listed below the schedule. I completely forgot about the abstinence from sex for 72 hours, and the no caffeine thing. No caffeine 5 years ago was a big deal and not fun. No caffeine now may be the death of me. I should probably start weening myself off slowly over the next couple of weeks. My morning coffee is what gets me moving!

In other life news, I have a girls’ trip planned with my college girlfriends and I am SO EXCITED!! It will be a welcomed break and I cannot wait to see all of my friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in years – like maybe 6 years? Crazy! I’ll be honest...the no drinking, no caffeine thing – well, it’s probably going to start after this weekend.Cheers!

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