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Today’s beta

My beta today was 336 so it has more than doubled since last Friday!! Woohoo! The next step is I’ll go in for blood work next Tuesday to check my estrodiol and progesterone, and then I’ll schedule my first ultra sound for two weeks from today, or as close to it as they can get it. I’m feeling a little more relief, but I’ll probably continue to be super nervous until I hear that heartbeat. After that I’m sure I’ll still be nervous all the time, but it will feel more real at that point. It’s still just so early that it terrifies me! But at least I know something is happening right in there so that’s a good sign!!


5 thoughts on “Today’s beta

  1. Great news! Can't imagine it's easy to relax – I think that's totally normal given what you've been through. Glad you're second beta came back nice and strong!


  2. Hi Becca – Congratulations on your good news! Manni pointed me to your blog, because I said I was on the lookout for successful CCRM IVF cycles:) I just read your whole story because I like to get it from the beginnng – I live in Oxford, MS, so I was excited to see that you are moving to Jackson. We are doing our first IVF cycle at CCRM in a couple of weeks. I am still taking those damn BCP's! I am so ready to get out there and do this thing. I loved reading your story and will stay tuned.


  3. Hey turtlemama! I'm glad manni pointed you toward my blog. Ccrm is an incredible place and i hope it brings you success! That's awesome that you're in Oxford – one of my all time favorite places! Good luck to you!


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