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In Denver and calmer

First off, all of my freaking out yesterday is better now. I called the nurse’s number about threes times yesterday and wrote my nurse an email. I never got a response from anyone. They must have not had a lot of people on staff yesterday. Anyway, I finally ended up calling the emergency number and finally got to talk to someone. It probably cost me $20 for that little piece of mind, but it was worth it. She told me to just go ahead and start taking the dexamethasone last night and everything should be okay. She said of all the things to mess up with my medication that was it! So I feel a little bit better, although if this doesn’t work out I will probably wonder if it’s because of me messing this up. Oh well. There’s not much I can do about it now!

In other news, I made it to Denver and am now sleepily typing on the desk of my home for the next 16 days. The Marriott townsuites are pretty nice. It’s a good amount of space for what we need and it is an excellent price for a two bedroom suite! I feel like I am in a little apartment and I’m loving it! It will be great for everyone to kind of have an escape if they need it. With everyone who is coming to Denver during this I’m sure we will all appreciate that!

Here are some pictures of our suite if you’re interested.

My bedroom

Jordan, Jim, and miles’ room

Our living room

Our kitchen

Our bathroom

Stay tuned for my ultra sound results tomorrow! I’ll try to post as soon as I can.

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