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Surgery Success

The surgery went pretty well this morning! I’m very sore but I’m not nauseous which I was really worried about since we’re flying back in the morning. So far I’m not feeling much pain from the CO2 – I’m just very blown up!

So here’s the report on what Dr Surrey saw. Basically he said he’s never seen anything like it! Apparently I was just born with really deformed tubes. On one side my tube was completely severed in the middle. He said it looked as if I had had a tubal pregnancy that had been fixed – weird! On he other side I had a normal looking tube and then about halfway up it got really tiny and almost noexistent. He also said that my ovaries are really high which means that during egg retrieval if he sees follies that he can’t get to he may go through my belly button to get to them – which might explain why I’ve had five follicles before but only two eggs retrieved?? He also said that I had lots and lots of scar tissue – so much in fact he was shocked that I hadn’t been in more pain. He said that with all the abnormalties that I was born with my body was just trying to heal them so that’s why the scar tissue. So he did a lot more digging around than he expected because he was so amazed at it all. Haha which means more soreness for me but that’s okay! The good news is my uterus looks great which is most important! So all in all I got lots of answers so I feel great! I’m so glad I had this done! Now it’s just a matter of staying doped up on those pain meds! 😉


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